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Topical Therapy Starter Pack

Topical Starter Pack by Mother Earth. This starter pack includes: 1 Large Canna Lotion (8oz), 1 Travel Size Canna Lotion (2oz), 1 package of Cannabis Infused Bath Soaks, and 1 bottle of Canna Oil – Massage Oil (2oz)

Product Description

Mother Earth Topical Therapy Starter pack includes the following products:

Two Bottles of Canna Lotion:

1 Large Canna Lotion (8oz) | 1 Travel Size Canna Lotion (2oz)

Mother Earth Canna Lotion: This exquisite lotion is made only with the finest medical organic cannabis (Indica), mineral oil, wheat germ oil, hemp seed oil, glycerin, and our branded blend of essential oils. Ideal for releasing minor soreness, aches, inflammation, cramps, pain and eczema. Our Canna Lotion is luxurious, leaving skin soft while providing all day moisture and healing vibes.

One package of Cannabis Infused Bath Soaks

Mother Earth Bath Soaks: Our soaks are created with Himalayan salts, Epson salts and Dead Sea salts infused in Mother Earth Holy Oil, Cannabis Oil (Indica CBD) and a refreshing proprietary blend of essential oils. Soaking at least once a week for 20-30 minutes draws out toxins, lowers stress and helps balance pH levels, leaves skin clean and body feeling deeply relaxed. Great for joint or muscle pain & tension, cramps, sleeping and arthritis just to mention a few. Pour about 2 oz. of bath soaks into warm water and enjoy your soak ~ 6oz medicinal zip lock pouch.

One bottle of Canna Oil – Massage Oil (2oz)

Our body oil is crafted with our premium medical organic cannabis (Indica), grape seed oil, and our exclusive blend of herbs and essential oils. Optimal for relieving deep aches and pains, cramps, inflammation and muscle spasms. Assists with relaxation and relief from sleeping disorders. Use restorative multi-purpose oil for body & hair. 2 oz. PET plastic bottle.