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Mother Earth Co-op's medicine had a huge positive impact on my condition. They are compassionate and truly caring.
Melissa F, San Diego, CA
Mother Earth's tinctures were a great and effective alternative to smoking cannabis for me.
Chris S, San Diego, CA



How to make cannabutter

The following recipes are taken from: “Special Medicinal Recipes Shared from Mother Earth Co-op – A Medical Cannabis Cookbook” … Making Cannabutter / Cannaoil: Print Author: Mother Earth Co-op Ingredients 1 oz cannabis (medical high grade) 1 lb butter or coconut oil Instructions Using the portions of one to four ounces of cannabis bud trim […]


Cannabis Cooking

Written Mother Earth Co-op & Collective, San Diego 92103 Cannabis Cooking with Mother Earth Co-op Grateful for the recognition of medical marijuana and it’s place in herbal healing and alternative medicines, we are striving to progress forward with the multifunctional herb, placed on earth by our creator. It is absurd to think of restricting access […]



In the 1800’s, cannabis and hemp (also referred to as marijuana) was legal. Hemp was a rather easy crop, since there were moderately small investments in hemp production. Compared to the large investments for factories, for other fibers; equipment to handle cotton, wool, and linen. There was a misconception hemp had an intoxicating effect because […]