• By completing the membership form and checking the box online I certify that I am a patient or a caregiver for a patient who suffers from a serious illness or medical condition for which a valid recommendation and approval to use medical cannabis in treating my condition has been issued from a licensed California practitioner.
  • I hereby apply to become a member of Mother Earth Co-op and upon my acceptance of my membership I agree to pay a one-time payment of a non-refundable membership dues of $10.00 to Mother Earth Co-op. Membership fee may be waived at discretion of co-op management.
  • I agree to uphold the co-op’s code of ethics and I hereby designate Mother Earth Co-op, as my primary caregiver in acceptance with California Health & Safety Code Section 11362.5 (d) and 11362.5 (e), which reads as follows:

S11362.5 Use of medical marijuana for medical purposes – (d) Section 11357, relating to the possession of marijuana and section 11358 relating to the cultivation of marijuana, for the personal medical purposes of the co-op patient, upon the written or oral recommendation or approval of a physician.

  • I agree to uphold the co-op’s code of ethics in acceptance with California Health & Safety Code Section 11362.5 (d) and 11362.5 (e).

– Member, volunteers and staff must treat everyone with respect and acknowledge membership is a privilege that can be revoked. No abusive language or behavior of any kind will be tolerated.

– Members must present valid government issued I.D and medical recommendation every time visiting Mother Earth co-op.

– Members are limited to 2 visits per day. Re sale of medication is prohibited by Health & Safety 11363.5 & City of San Diego. Re sales will result in termination of membership & violations will be reported.

– No ingestion or smoking of medical marijuana is allowed on, or near Mother Earth Co-op premises.

– No people waiting in the car, no loitering, no unattended barking dogs, no loud music or noise disturbances to the neighborhood. Please be discreet and respectful of our neighbors.

– Members have the privilege of sharing in the expenses of the co-op as well as registering with our co-op with only your State ID. However we encourage members to use their CA Driver’s license.

– Members acknowledge that the premises of the co-op are subject to audio and video monitoring and recording at any time.

– No weapons, recordings, photography, cell phones or video of any kind are permitted to be used on co-op premises. Please be respectful of others privacy.

I understand hat this agreement is to remain in effect as long as I am legally eligible within the law to use medical cannabis and am a member in good standing at Mother Earth Co-op.